Digworm.IO – Combining digdig.io and slither.io into a single game


Digworm.IO is a multiplayer online game where you play as a worm. Your goal is to become the largest worm digging minerals and killing your foes. It is my second published web game and my first true “IO” game. I say true IO game because my last web game didn’t really have a “.io” TLD. If you don’t know about that game, you can read about it here. Digworm.IO is heavily inspired from Digdig.IO. The visuals are almost similar. So much that it can easily confuse anyone as to which one they are looking at if they aren’t paying close attention. The core difference between digdig.io and digworm.io is that in digworm.io, there are worms instead of round diggers. The idea of worms is also of course taken from slither.io. Below are screenshots of the two games.


It should be noted that none of the code is copied from the original game. Everything is replicated from scratch here. The front-end of digworm.io uses no libraries and everything is made from scratch using just HTML, CSS, and vanilla JS. DigDig.IO’s front-end on the other hand is compiled from C++ into WASM using Emscripten so there is honestly no way to even copy any code if even someone tried to. All you get in digdig.io’s code is raw assembly code.

How to play?

You move your worm using the mouse or the joystick if you are on a touch device. Left mouse click or Spacebar makes you boost and right mouse button or Shift key makes you slow down. Your energy depletes when you boost and when it has exhausted, you can’t boost. It regenerates slowly with time. Slowing down makes it regenerate faster. If you touch the world boundaries or the body of an enemy worm, you die. Your worm will be turned into gravestone which when dug gives the digger your points. Gravestone is one of the minerals the game has. You can find info about all the ores in the game on digdig.io’s wiki page.


The game has full-touch support. The UI and everything adjusts accordingly to give the user the best experience. Below’s a screenshot of how the game looks on mobile devices.

Mobile controls

There is also an option in the settings for PC users that allows them to control their worm using the common keyboard keys (ASWD and the arrow keys).

Keyboard controls


Trapping a worm inside a geode
Sussy gold event
Death screen
Sussy Easter Egg on the top left of the map
Cyclops skin
Shop and skins
Maze mode
Teams mode


There are many gameplays of the game on youtube. Here are some noticeable ones:

Play now!

Give the game a try and let me know how it was in the comments. Play at digworm.io, runs in the browser, no need to download anything.



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