DigDig.IO X-Ray

700k with X-Ray

What’s this?

A script for digdig.io that removes fog and gives you extra vision. You can easily find gold with this. It also helps a lot with kills and protecting yourself from bigger diggers.

What’s fog?

In digdig.io, your vision is limited. You can’t see what hasn’t been dug. As you dig and create tunnels on the map, you can see more and more stuff. This is called the fog (or fog of war). Players which aren’t in your vision or behind some undug tiles won’t be visible to you. This is the core of the game and what makes it fun. You could be digging in a straight line and then all of a sudden hit into a bigger digger and die. This script removes all these restrictions on vision and lets you see everything.

With fog
Without Fog

Can I get banned for using it?

Yes. The game has an anti-cheat that detects the script and shadow bans you. It doesn’t immediately ban you but after a few hours, your account gets banned. However, if you get on the leaderboard while using the script, it instantly bans you.

There is a way to keep using the script without getting hurt too much though. The downside is that you won’t be able to save any progress or the gold you collected using your new superpower. I have written a script that assigns you a new account whenever you join the game. This way you can still have fun killing diggers through the dirt while saving your main account from not getting banned. This script is also linked down below.

Note: DigDig.IO stores the account ID in the browser’s localStorage. You can get/set it through your browser’s console. The temporary account script shows the account ID it created (visibility can be toggled using key Z). You can click on it to copy it. 

Temporary account ID
Getting/Setting account ID


X-Ray Script: https://greasyfork.org/en/scripts/432014-digdig-io-x-ray
Temporary Account Script: https://greasyfork.org/en/scripts/432324-digdig-io-temporary-account

Don’t know how to install userscripts? Here’s a tutorial for it. 



  1. Can you change the script so it doesn’t lock onto people behind walls? Also can you change the binding from b on the key board to right mouse click?

  2. Very good, maybe it’s just a little bit stunning but it is very good. And they should add a mode where there is an option that enable to see only the enemis and not the allies. But it is very good.

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