Making cheats for the WebAssembly game DigDig.IO

DigDig.IO with X-Ray and Minimap

Last year, I published some cheat scripts for the web game The game’s entire source code is compiled down to WebAssembly (WASM) which makes it a lot harder to cheat than other web games that just use minification or obfuscation to protect the game’s source code. In this article, I will be explaining how… Continue reading Making cheats for the WebAssembly game DigDig.IO


DigDig.IO X-Ray

700k with X-Ray

What’s this? A script for that removes fog and gives you extra vision. You can easily find gold with this. It also helps a lot with kills and protecting yourself from bigger diggers. What’s fog? In, your vision is limited. You can’t see what hasn’t been dug. As you dig and create tunnels… Continue reading DigDig.IO X-Ray