DigDig.IO Gold & Tag Bot: How I cheated 800k+ gold and all skins in the game

Gold Bot with X-Ray

These were some of the other cheats that I made for DigDig.IO while being in exile from DigDigCord (DigDig’s discord server). I managed to mine over 800k gold and buy all the skins in the game after running 4 gold bots simultaneously for 10 days. I don’t remember correctly but I think they all collectively mined around 80k-150k gold per day. I also got the special spider skin (which you get when you tag 1000 people in tag mode) after running 2 tag bots simultaneously for 2.5 days.

Playing with the spider skin
Got spider
Got all the skins
Flexing gold and progress

I don’t have a screenshot of the 800k+ gold. I posted it in digdigcord after I was unbanned after a month of exile. I was banned again when I admitted to the dev to have bots and cheats. Why did I admit it? It was all getting boring and I wanted to have some fun and gain some notoriety. I also posted all my cheat scripts on greasyfork after the ban. The weeks that followed were the time the game had most of the anti-cheat stuff implemented. Being able to run multiple bots was no longer possible, a ban system was added, cheat scripts were detected and the cheaters were auto-banned from the game. The maximum gold you could mine in a day was limited to 2.5k.

Both the bots work by reading draw calls. Players, ores, health values, game states, everything is extracted by reading draw calls. The game’s source code is compiled down to WASM so we aren’t left with any better options.

Gold bot

Running 5 gold bots simultaneously:

How does it work?

It spawns and boosts in a random direction searching for gold tiles on the screen. If it finds any, it digs them. When the bot can no longer boost and has no gold tiles in view, it respawns in another server and repeats. You might be wondering why doesn’t the bot just spawn once and keep searching in random directions. That is less efficient. I have tested it before. The game spawns us where there are the least players (or where the map is least dug or has regenerated). These regions have more chances of having gold.

How efficient is it?

A single bot can mine anything between 500-1000 gold in 10 minutes. You will score higher numbers during the peak hours of the game. Highest recorded so far is 2500 gold in 10 minutes by one of my discord server’s members.

Tag bot

Running 2 tag bots simultaneously:

How does it work?

It spawns in a tag server and checks if it spawned as a seeker. If not, it changes to another server and checks again. When it has been spawned as a seeker, it roams around the map looking for hiders. When it finds one, it boosts and tries to tag him.

How efficient is it?

Tags around 0-2 hiders in one game. Not the best but does the job. It can be easily tricked if you just start running around in a circle. It also doesn’t avoid eating up ores. So it can run into a pile of uranium and get really big and further reduce its efficiency.

How I ran multiple bots?

Running multiple bots for the same account isn’t possible anymore. I used NodeJS and puppeteer for running them. I also implemented a streaming system that broadcasted the live streams of the bots to the connected users. It was useful when the bots were hosted on remote hosting. There was an admin console too which you could use to turn on/off an instance or change the account it used while running. The app was very efficient. I was able to run up to 6 bots on free hosting. It used around 500MB of RAM for 6 bots. Some screen recordings and code pieces of the app are posted below.

Messing with admin priveleges:

Directory of the project
Configuring bots

bot-sdk.js provided some helper functions for creating the bots. The scripts posted on greasyfork don’t use it and have most of the stuff hard-coded. Here’s the source code of the dummy mineral bot that used the SDK.

Mineral bot made using the bot SDK

The front-end didn’t reveal any admin networking code until the user was logged in. The admin code was sent through WebSocket upon giving correct credentials. To attempt login, you had to swipe from left to right on the screen.

Authorization code


Gold bot: https://greasyfork.org/en/scripts/432066-digdig-io-gold-bot

Tag bot: https://greasyfork.org/en/scripts/432105-digdig-io-tag-bot 

To maximize efficiency, you will need to install another cheat for the game known as the x-ray script. You can learn about it here.

X-Ray: https://greasyfork.org/en/scripts/432014-digdig-io-x-ray



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