Shellshock.IO Aimbot & ESP

Aimbot screenshot

What’s this?

A script for the popular FPS web game that auto aims at the closest player and displays players behind walls.

What’s aimbot?

In any FPS game, it’s just something that auto-aims at the enemies. Aimbots can get really advanced. They can even navigate to the target player and auto-shoot. The most basic one (like this script) just locks the aim to the nearest player.

Aimbot screenshot

What’s ESP?

‘Extrasensory precision’ or ESP here just means being able to see players behind the walls. The ESP provided by the script also shows you a line from your location to other players. This is good for keeping an eye on players behind you.

ESP with lines screenshot
ESP with lines
ESP without lines
ESP without lines

How good is it?

It doesn’t auto shoot like usual aimbots. It also doesn’t care if the player is behind a wall or not. It will just aim at the closest player. There was also another issue with the script which reduced hit damage. Luckily, as of writing this post, it no longer exists.

I was able to get 14 kill-streak with shotty. A member from my discord server was able to get 27 kill-streak with rifle. It works pretty well. Though you might want to disable auto-aiming while moving around cos it makes movements too hard. Go near a player with aimbot disabled. Enable aimbot. Shoot. EZ kill.


Install here:

Don’t know how to install userscripts? Here’s a tutorial for it.聽



  1. bro its good and all but can you make it to where it only lockes on someone when it can see it not thru walls because its kind of hard to walk around when it keeps on spinning in 6 different directions when someone dies. I’m talking about krunker script.

  2. i honestly would reccomend this 100% but theres some bad thing about this the aimbot is really strong and doesnt work 100% and it wont let you look away from whatever person your aiming at

  3. uhh… its Feb 17th, and im curious if this is updated… cuz it wont load into shellshocker unless i disable it from tampermonkey

  4. could be wayyyyyy better bro you have madd potential but. you really need to make one that tacks a little diff, bc i get hit from distance bc of the tracker form, and you need to make an aimbot that accounts for the bullet drop. bc i’m still getting hit markers with it and i have a great timed shot. my highest streak with my own script that i wrote from scratch is 30. the highest i can get with yours is 26. :/ but overall man decent asf work. i love the esp work tho. its great and accurate. i use your. esp and lines and my aimbot and they make a great team.

  5. you should make keybinds because i work on track pad and the right click to hold doesnt work for me

  6. 0.1.8 now has a glitch where you sometimes are NOT using the Aimbot upon Right Mouse Hold and it still locks on aimbot. IDK what it is, but please fix this!

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